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everything forward

ever had the feeling that you get more forwarded emails than you can handle? i do, thus this site. please don't get the idea that i am claiming ownership to all things posted here. i don't. i just want somewhere to store quotes, poems and inspiring, even funny articles i receive everyday via email. that's all there is to it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Three Bullets
There once was a man who had nothing for his family to eat. He had
an old rifle and three bullets. So, he decided that he would go out
hunting and kill some wild game for dinner.

As he went down the road, he saw a rabbit. He shot at the rabbit
and missed it. The rabbit ran away.

Then he saw a squirrel and fired a shot at the squirrel and missed
it. The squirrel disappeared into a hole in a cottonwood tree.

As he went further, he saw a large wild turkey up in a tree, but he
had only one bullet remaining. A voice spoke to him and said, "Pray
first, aim high and stay focused." However, at the same time, he saw a
deer which would provide more meat than the turkey. He brought the gun
down and aimed at the deer. But, then he saw a rattlesnake between his
legs about to bite him, so he naturally brought the gun down further to
shoot the rattlesnake. Still, the voice again said to him, "Pray first,
aim high and stay focused."

So, the man decided to listen to God's voice. He prayed, then aimed
the gun high up in the tree, and shot the wild turkey. The bullet went
into the turkey, deflected off a bone and hit the deer, killing it. When
the gun fired, it knocked the man off balance, he stepped on the
rattlesnake's head which killed it and fell backwards into a pond.
When he stood up to look around, he had fish in all his pockets, a deer
and a turkey with which to feed his family. The snake was dead simply
because the man listened to God.

Moral of the story:
Keep God first and everything else will follow.

Pray first before you do anything. Aim high in your goals, and stay
focused on God. Never let people or things discourage you
concerning your past. Do not look to man for your blessings, but look
only to God.

-- Author Unknown


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